Specially for Amazon Sellers

Amazon Product Images

Are you selling on Amazon and having difficulties getting 7 images for your product listing? Fret not. Our SnappyFlies are here to help. We’ve categorised the different types of images we can create for you, with samples below.

Main Image
This is a must- have! Clear representation of your product on a white background.
Close-up images are great to zoom in on special features of your product.
Informational Image
Tell more! These are great if you need to provide more information about your product features and functionalities.
Measurements Image
Your customers will be satisfied if they get the item they expect – so indicating the accurate dimensions is important.. Highly recommended to have for Amazon sellers.
What’s Inside Image
Great to have if your product comes with other accessories or add-ons. Customers always want to know what your package includes.
Lifestyle Image
A superimposed image of your product image onto a stock photo. We will work with you to find a suitable stock image for your product.
In the event we can’t find one, you can change to any other image or have the cost of this fully-refunded.
How It Works
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Step One

Place Order

Place an order online and pay upfront when you checkout.


Step Two

SnappyFlies will contact you within 2 working days to provide consultation and discussion.

Pick-up Products

Step Three

We’ll arrange for your products to be collected.

Download Photos

Step Four

Wait for your images to be done up in as quick as 7 work days. Review and download the images through your account.

Return Products

Step Five

We’ll have your products delivered back to you! No fuss!

We’ve designed 3 packages here – just pick one that works best for your product.
Or if you know what you want, you can customise the package too on our Order page.


  • 1 x Main Image
  • 4 x Close-ups
  • 1 x Informational Image
  • 1 x Measurements Image


  • 1 x Main Image
  • 2 x Close-ups
  • 3 x Informational Image
  • 1 x Measurements Image


  • 1 x Main Image
  • 3 x Informational Image
  • 1 x Measurements Image
  • 1 x What’s Inside Image
  • 1 x Lifestyle Image

Prefer to customise your own 7 images? Select Customise Package when you place an order.

To order, please drop us an email at snappy@snappyfly.com or by clicking on the button below.