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The Future With Ecommerce Automation

For your business to grow, there are 4 things to consider: Cutting running costs, increasing efficiency, increasing reach (therefore sales), as well as the ability to meet demands when they arise. In Ecommerce, saving time and money are straightforward. That said, in order to sell more, one has to increase reach. However, selling more often involves more time and money...

Product Videos: An Integral Part Of Visual Commerce

E-commerce. Mobile commerce. Social commerce. Now, Visual Commerce. If your head hurts looking at these terms, you’re not alone. You’d probably know or (unknowingly) did E-commerce, thanks to the pandemic. Mobile commerce refers to shopping online, but on your smartphones. Social commerce is mobile commerce, on a micro scale. There, people sell on social networking apps like Facebook, Instagram, chat...

How To List Food Products On E-Commerce Platforms

With the rising trend of online shopping (thanks Covid), virtual supermarkets are growing in huge demand. Total grocery spend in Southeast Asia is roughly around $350 billion, and online grocery accounts for a fraction of that overall value, but it is gaining traction, according to industry experts.  Closer to home, Singapore’s grocery market, which is expected to be worth S$9.9 billion...

Shooting for Social Media

In today’s digital era, almost every business now has a social media presence. Visual elements are key to building and increasing your presence online. You do not want to take a photo randomly and upload it without any planning. Every photo on your social media platforms should have a purpose as it represents your brand. Here are some tips you...

Theme Ideas To Elevate Your Product With Product Styling

Did you know that 80% of marketers use visual assets in their social media marketing? Using themes to style your product images can give your feed a little more variety than your usual brand colours or styles, and also make it easier to pick out props that complement your product as well. Here are some theme ideas for your product...

Selling better on Amazon (Part 2)

Amazon is one of the most popular online marketplaces where businesses or individuals can sell their products internationally. If you are selling online, it may be a good option to start selling on Amazon and open your doors to more markets. The images you put up of your product represents your business and its brand image. Statistics have shown that...

Selling better on Amazon (Part 1)

If you have been selling online locally, it’s time to consider expanding your business to more regions around the world. With multiple global sites across some of the largest eCommerce markets, Amazon is a great starting point to sell globally and extending your reach internationally.   Importance of Professional Product Photos   When buying online, it’s critical to provide consumers...