Studio of the Future – A Photo Studio Without A Photographer

The photographer doesn’t always have to be someone you hire. In the studio of the future, forget about having to go through the laborious process of having to book a studio, hiring a photographer and editing the images manually at the end. Depending on the type of product you are shooting, there are different equipment you...

White Background Photography and E-commerce

Ever since photography entered the commercial world in mid 20th century, white background photography has dominated the scene. White background photography was the gold standard for selling products. As Jeff DeLaCruz of Products on White Photography reinforced: “Keeping everything white is not just an Amazon standard, it’s a worldwide standard for retail—and the reason why...

5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Blog

“Does blogging make sense?” A common notion shared among many business owners, blogging is often seen as troublesome to start up as well as to maintain. However, for small businesses with small reach and limited marketing budget, blogging is one of the most useful and virtually free marketing tools out there. Not only does it...

Digital Marketing – A Passing Fad Or The Future Of Marketing?

Digital Marketing – A Passing Fad Or The Future Of Marketing?   Digital Marketing – The Future? Content is everywhere nowadays. From what used to be television, big screens and billboards, you now scroll through it now on small devices like your smartphones and tablets. With the growing numbers of consumers including millennial, user engagement...
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