General Still Product Shoot

We have the most affordable, hassle-free general product shoot prices in town! As long as your product fits within 60x60x60cm, and can be transported to our SnappyFly Studio, our prices below apply. Unfortunately, we are unable to take in perishable products such as cooked and fresh food – because our SnappyFlies cannot resist the temptation to have them all eaten up!

We have done many shoots for all sorts of product types, and it is especially so for cosmetics products and shoes!

Psst… If you have 100 products or more, do let our SnappyFlies know and we will reward you with a special rate!

1st Image


The first image you select for download for every product item is affordably priced at $15 only.

*does not include group images*
Per Additional Image


And if you choose to download more images for a single product, you can get them at only $5 each!

Pick-up & Delivery


For an order with 5 or more products (not over-weight/over-sized), pick-up and return delivery will be FREE! Otherwise, you can pay $25 for the 2-way delivery of your items. If you prefer to have them delivered to us personally, we’ll waive the charges.

*Note: The weight per product should not be more than 1kg, otherwise, there might be additional charges for the delivery. Contact our SnappyFlies to find out more about it!*

  • At least 1 photo must be selected for download for each product item. Of course, if you love our images, we will be happy that you download even more!
  • If your product comes in a packaging and you would like us to take both in and out-of-package shots – we can do so too! But they will be considered and charged as separate product items.
  • We can do group shots too! Each product item in the group must be individually shot. And for group shots, each combination of items will be considered as a separate product shot.
  • We don't do styled / mood shots - because they are simply not hassle-free nor snappy. And honestly, they just aren't snappy enough for us to keep them affordably priced.
  • To keep our photography affordable, all our images are shot without digital enhancements. If you require digital enhancements to be done on your photos after they are shot, we can do so for a separate fee. Drop Snappy an email and he'll be glad to advise!
Sample Price Calculations

Still unsure of how the prices are calculated? The sample pricing scenarios below may help.

Less than 5 products
5 or more products
In & Out-of-Package Shots
Group Shots

You sent in 3 product items and selected 3 images for each item for download.

1st Image Shot : 3 items x $15 = $45
Additional Images : 3 items x 2 additional images each x $5 = $30
Pick-up & Delivery : $25

You Pay $100 for 9 photos – that’s $11.11 for each image!

You sent in 50 product items and selected 3 images for 20 of the items and 5 images each for the remaining 30 items for download.

1st Image Shot : 50 items x $15 = $750
Additional Images : (20 items x 2 additional images each x $5) + (30 items x 4 additional images each x $5) = $800
Pick-up & Delivery : FREE

You Pay $1,550 for 210 photos – that’s $7.38 for each image!

You sent in 1 product item for both in and out-of-package shots. You selected 4 of the in-package images and 3 of the out-of package images.

1st Image Shot : 2 items x $15 = $30
Additional Images : (1 item x 3 additional images x $5) + (1 item x 2 additional image x $5) = $25
Pick-up & Delivery : $25

You Pay $80 for 7 photos – that’s $11.43 for each image!

You sent in 25 products or more for 5 different group shot images.

1st Image Shot : 5 group shot image X $30 = $150
Additional Images : 0
Pick-up & Delivery : FREE (only if you have 5 or more group shot images containing different product types in each group)

You Pay $150 for 5 photos – that’s $30 for each image!