Product Videos

Multichannel and marketplace selling are on the rise, and are set to form 86% of sales growth in the next 5 years. As shopping platforms become more saturated with product offerings these days, we need to empower buyers’ decisions by doing the convincing online. How? Visual commerce forms a huge part of making this work. Apart from meta tagging your items (more on this here in our article), we’ve got you covered on the practicals by introducing to you our latest service offering: Product Videos!

In a recent study done by our SnappyFlies, we surveyed 90 respondents with ages ranging from 18 to 45 years old and found that while aesthetically-pleasing photos entice them to click on a product listing, adding videos like product usability and 360° product spinning influences their decision in making the purchase. Check out the types of product videos we do:

*A pre-payment of $100 is required when you place your order.

360° Product Videos

What it’s good for

Products with details all round
(perfect for electronics!)

Executing a ‘premium’, sleek finish for your listings

An add-on to your product pictures for multichannel selling

What video includes

1 full 360-degree spin of product
Product Introductory Videos

What it’s good for

Promotional material across various platforms like Amazon, Lazada, social media (yes, it’s good for ads too!)

Showcasing product features

Products with special/unique features like apparels, bags, jewellery, daily items

Service includes:


  • Up to 30 secs
  • Product spin + closeups
    (up to 3 features for closeups)
  • Background music
  • Logo
  • Title at start/end of video

1 round of changes



for small items
(fits within 45 x 45 x 45 cm)


for large items
(max. 75 x 75 x 150 cmH)

Instructional Videos

What it’s good for

Portraying “How it works”

Provides inspiration for how the product can be used (perfect for creating UGC; user-generated content, great for boosting engagement on social media!)

Household products, food items, apparels

Service includes:

In-studio recording of video


  • Up to 30 secs
  • Background music
  • Logo
  • Title
  • Optional: Subtitling (no voice-overs)

1 round of changes



without subtitling


with subtitling

Product GIFs

What it’s good for

(ads, posts, stories, you name it)

Product teasers

Brands that continually have new products

Service includes:


  • Product shot as-is
    (additional charges apply if you’d like your product styled – let our SnappyFlies advise you! )
  • Up to 15 secs
  • NO Background Music
  • NO Logo
  • NO Subtitling

1 round of changes