SnappyFly & RedMart

Special Partnership

SnappyFly & RedMart

As a special partnership between RedMart and SnappyFly, we are happy to offer special product photography rates for all RedMart Marketplace sellers!


Do note that images taken under this partnership program can be used on your own websites, but should not be shared with 3rd party E-Commerce websites!

Rate Card

Rates are only exclusive to RedMart Marketplace sellers and applicable for general products such as groceries,
dry and frozen food products, household items etc.
Different rates will apply for apparels and jewellery.

Pick-Up / Drop-Off Fee

If you are unsure if your items qualify for free pick-up/drop-off or if they don’t fall within any of the above requirements, drop us an email at snappy@snappyfly.com and we will advise on the fees if any.

Alternatively, save on delivery fees by selecting self drop-off and pick-up when placing your order to drop-off your items with us at our Bt Batok collection centre, 21 Bt Batok Crescent, #12-84 WCEGA Tower (10am to 5pm, Mon – Fri).

Our Deliverables

  • All images will be shot according to RedMart guidelines and specifications.
  • Fresh produce will be shot without drop shadows. Frozen products will be shot frozen without thawing. Fresh & Frozen items will be disposed.
  • Images will only be generated in 1600x1600 pixel JPGs on White Background.

How It Works

To start enjoying these special photography rates, follow the steps below.

Step One


Click on “Order” to place your order.
In the Partner Code field, key in “SF-REDMART” so you can enjoy the special rate!
Fill up the order form.

Step Two


Submit your order, and wait for our SnappyFlies to contact you within 1 working day to schedule the pick-up of your products, if required.

Step Three

Review Photos

Wait for 5-7 working days for your photoshoot to be completed! You will receive an email notification, once your photos are ready for your review.

Step Four

Pay & Download

Log on to your account to review, approve, pay and download your images. Online payment via credit card or Paypal preferred. Alternatively, you may contact us for arrangements to pay via bank transfer or cheque.

Step Five

Pick-Up Products

Once downloaded, we will arrange with you to have your products sent back to you.

Step Six

Product Measurements

Once you receive your images, you may schedule a Dimensions & Editing booking with RedMart to get your products measured and uploaded on Redmart Marketplace.

  1. Preparing Your Items for the Photoshoot
    • We want your image to look as fantastic as your products are! So, please select items with packaging in mint condition. Stained, creased or torn packaging will not represent your products well.
    • RedMart requires your product image filename to have its respective barcode number as its prefix. We can help to do that – if your items already have the barcodes on them. Do ensure you have the barcodes ready on your items if you like us to do so!
    • Count and pack your items in cartons so that they are ready for transportation! Ensure they are well padded if your items are fragile.
  2. Placing the Order

    Once your items are ready, go on to our website at and place an order.

    • Remember to enter the RedMart partner code (sf-redmart) when filling up the order form, so you get to enjoy the special partner rates.
    • Please indicate in the remarks if : 
      • Your items require special storage (eg. To be chilled or frozen) 
      • Your items are shrink-wrapped and indicate whether we can unwrap them for the purpose of the photoshoot. (Your images will usually look more crisp without the shrink-wraps!)

    Our SnappyFlies will contact you to arrange for a pick-up if required* or find out when the items will be dropped off at our collection centre.

  3. Getting your Photos

    All images will be uploaded into your account. You will receive an email notification once they are ready for your review and download. Select the images to download, make payment online and download your images. All payments must be made online prior to downloading the images.

  4. Returning your Products 

    Once you have downloaded your images, our SnappyFlies will contact you to arrange for a delivery of your items back to you if required*, or find out when you would like to pick up your products. 

    * Pick-up / Delivery charges may apply depending on the quantity, size and weight of the items.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at our RedMart dedicated helpdesk at snappy@snappyfly.com