We now offer Styled Images for as low as $25
We now offer Styled Images for as low as $25

The sequel of Light Is Everything

How do we decide which props go along a product? What if my products do not have much to ‘play’ around with? We do not always get what we deserve, neither do content creators (*coughs* us) get what’s easy to shoot all the time.

Majority of the world’s products are catered for women. In a 2019 article by Inc., women spend more time than men in making every-day economic decisions for their families — from consumer goods to services. They also drive 70-80 percent of all consumer purchasing, through a combination of their buying power and influence. Influence means that even when a woman isn’t paying for something herself, she is often the influence or veto vote behind someone else’s purchase (Bloomberg, 2018).

Some try for gender-bending products but it is an undeniable fact that products targeting women do sell better. Images with good-looking models are also a sure-win answer to gaining more attention for your image, but what if you are running on a tight budget and do not want any model-related pictures and perhaps, perform a little DIY?

Image Credit: qualitylogoproducts.com

Say you are selling a water bottle. It has no design on it, no texture, not even a sleek body, just a plain white water bottle. How do you style it? After scoping out the specific group(s) of audience you want to target, next, the look and feel of your brand is paramount. Though looking at your competitors’ content is important, you would want to stand out and apart from them.

One solution is to source for props related to your product.

Image Credit: Edge Reps for Gentl & Hyers Cosmetics and Alex Tooby via Pinterest

Say for this skincare product here, as per the packaging, it is shot with a white gardenia. As for the case of the water bottle, you may want to include food as a prop. How about a nice bowl of ramen in the background, blurred a little so that your focus still fixates on the water bottle? (Psst… we wrecked the Internet trying to find a reference picture for this, only to find nothing. How’s that for standing out from the crowd with a water bottle product?)

No related props to match your product with? No problem! Another way would be to play around with colours.

Image Credit: @lapetitenoob and @jestarsa via Instagram

If you are planning to have an all-white picture set, with just white paper and background, you can create fun pop-up paper cuts, lay them out behind or around the water bottle. Alternatively, you can also use textures to further accentuate your water bottle. And who says textures have to be literal? Check out this clever use of texture juxtaposed with the water bottle’s design:

Image Credit: Monica Photography via Pinterest

You can use paint brushes, paint, even white straws to style the photo. The possibilities are endless! If you are worried that the props used are not related to what you’re selling, fret not. Your goal is to stand out, and you are, with a curated theme that still speaks to your target audience. Check out this watch below:

Image Credit: BrazenWoman via Playbuzz on Pinterest

Despite the flower being unrelated to the watch, it is prominent to the viewer that this watch is targeted at the sophisticated, yet gentle woman.

If you do not fancy all-white, you can still play with neutral colours like black, grey or any other shades that are not too striking. We would not want to ‘steal’ the limelight away from the white bottle. Try a two-toned background for more contrast!

Image Credit: Miles Drury via Asos and @chloehollywood via Instagram

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Summarised Learnings:

  • Plan and curate your photos with women in mind
  • Look and feel of your brand is key, we cannot emphasise this enough!
  • Related props or ingredients used in your products double up as props
  • Got no related props? Try playing around with textures and colours
  • Experiment, experiment, experiment!



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