Social Media

Product Videos: An Integral Part Of Visual Commerce

E-commerce. Mobile commerce. Social commerce. Now, Visual Commerce. If your head hurts looking at these terms, you’re not alone. You’d probably know or (unknowingly) did E-commerce, thanks to the pandemic. Mobile commerce refers to shopping online, but on your smartphones. Social commerce is mobile commerce, on a micro scale. There, people sell on social networking...

Shooting for Social Media

In today’s digital era, almost every business now has a social media presence. Visual elements are key to building and increasing your presence online. You do not want to take a photo randomly and upload it without any planning. Every photo on your social media platforms should have a purpose as it represents your brand....

The Future of Product Photography with Social Media Marketing

A modern marketing tool, social media platforms are now vital for companies to market themselves effectively. With a mobile first and video-obsessed audience, the need to produce visually appealing and fulfilling content had never been so important. The photographer’s job is no longer just to shoot photographs that are pleasing to eyes of mass audience....