What’s SnappyFly?

SnappyFly is a revolutionary way of e-commerce product photography. We know your time can be put to better use than to be spent taking photos, cropping and editing them. And we want to make the process of product photography hassle-free for you. No more meeting up with photographers, supervising photoshoots or anxiously waiting for your photos to be processed and edited. We specialise in products for e-commerce and have shot tens of thousands of product images.

What’s even cooler is that for white background images, you get to choose* and pay for only the photos you like! That means our SnappyFlies must work extra hard to make sure they churn out quality photos for you to pick from.

Absolutely Hassle-free

No need for meet-ups. No need to supervise shoots. We’ll pick up the products, we’ll shoot. Free up your time for tasks that matter.

Snappiest turnaround time

Yes, we can churn out your photos in as quick as 3 working days. You don’t have to wait long to get your photos up onto your online store.

Only pay for photos you like *

Review photos and choose the ones you like. You simply pay for those you have chosen for download, and discard those you don’t fancy.

Ready-to-use Specifications

Download photos generated in specifications tailored for major marketplaces such as Amazon, RedMart and social media platforms.

* Applicable for white background photography only. A minimum of 1 photo must be selected for each product.


Well, not quite the world yet. But we have flown out of our home in Singapore and you can visit our SnappyFlies there too!


How do we do it?

To make sure your photos can be delivered affordably and in the most hassle-free manner, our SnappyFlies make use of an efficient workflow combined with innovative technology to produce professional product photos in the shortest possible time. This efficient workflow includes removing the need to do post-processing from the photos we shoot and requiring all items to be shot within our studio.

That is why, we can only deliver photos for items that can be picked up and shot in our studio and can’t cater to out-of-studio shoots.