Product Photography

White Background

Online marketplaces and e-commerce stores commonly adopt white background photographs, as they are the most realistic and best represent how the actual products look. However, capturing a product with consistent lighting and zero shadow, is never as simple as it looks. At SnappyFly, we have produced tens of thousands of white background photographs. Packaged items, apparels flat-lay, apparels on ghost mannequins, shiny and transparent items – we have done them all.

We churn out your product images in specifications friendly for major marketplaces, so you can easily upload them without the need to do any further image editing.

What’s more – our product photography rates are super affordable. It’s super hassle-free too!

How It Works
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Place Order

Step One

Place Order

Simply place an order online with our order form.

Pick-up Products

Step Two

We’ll arrange for your products to be collected.

Review Photos

Step Three

Wait for your products to be shot. View your photos online in as quick as 3 days.

Pay & Download

Step Four

Select and only pay for the photos you like! Download the selected photos in sizes you specify.

Return Products

Step Five

We’ll have your products delivered back to you! No fuss!

Like to find out more about the pricing and see some samples for your category of products?

Select the Category of your Products

General Products

Packshots, shoes, cosmetics, wines, groceries and more – typically 90% of the items that don’t fall under apparels or jewellery, will fall under this category.

Apparels & Bags

Includes clothes, fabric, soft wearables, hand bags, tote bags and items that require steaming such as bed linen. Flat-lays and ghost mannequin shots available.


Includes rings, necklaces, watches, eyewear etc. Typically highly reflective small objects or items requiring more time to prepare to achieve a nice lustre.