General Products


General Products


First photo of each product $15
Subsequent photos of each product $5
Delivery (Pick-Up & Drop Off) - 5 or more items FREE
Delivery (Pick-Up & Drop Off) - below 5 items $25
Styled Images (per image) $25
Group shot of up to 10 items (per image) $30
  • As long as your product fits within 60x60x60cm, and can be transported to our SnappyFly Studio, our prices above apply.
  • Please contact us for perishable products like cooked / fresh food
  • Psst… If you have 100 products or more, do let our SnappyFlies know and we will reward you with a special rate!
  • At least 1 photo must be selected for download for each product item.
  • If your product comes in a packaging and you would like us to take both in and out-of-package shots – we can do so too! But they will be considered and charged as separate product items.
  • To keep our photography affordable, all our images are shot without digital enhancements. If you require digital enhancements to be done on your photos after they are shot, we can do so for a separate fee.
Change of Operating Hours (COVID-19)

Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we have adjusted our opening hours. We are now open on weekdays from 1030am to 6pm.

Stay safe and stay healthy!